NSW Best of the Best


January NSW Best of the Best Qualifiers List


The ‘best-of-the-best’ battle it out on the felt at the conclusion of every season for a massive $15,000 prize pool! Only the elite venue leaderboard winners at the end of the season will gain entry into this prestigious event! As a bonus, the player with the most number of games and the player with the most points at the end of every season will each receive $500 CASH!



The Best-of-the-Best event is run as a single-flight tournament with a T30,000 start-stack.  This is a freeze-out event with no re-buys or add-ons.



There are only two ways to qualify for this event:

  • top any nightly event leaderboard at the conclusion of the season
  • top the venue leaderboard, where there is more than one event run at that venue each week

This event will offer a GTD $15,000 prize pool.

Winner receives $3000 cash plus a bonus $2000 venue package for the venue that they qualified through
o $1000 food & bar tab at the venue in which the winner qualified from
o $1000 cash added to the prize pool on the celebration night

$9000 cash split amongst the final 16 players. See below for payout structure.

Player with most games at end of season - $500 cash

Player with most points at end of season - $500 cash



Over 120 players converged on Revesby Workers on Saturday 23 July to contest our latest edition of the NSW Best of the Best.

The 30k start stack and deep blinds allowed some quality poker to be played with very few bust-outs before the lunch break.

It took nearly 7 hours of play to get to the final table with 6 different regions being represented.

Our final 3 players were John Gouskos from the Inner West Region, Garry Williams from the St George Region and Geoff Abdilla from the South West Region.

They remained 3 handed for quite a while with the chip lead swapping numerous times. Eventually after being card dead for a while, John Gouskos was eliminated in 3rd place taking home $1500 cash.

The heads up battle between Garry and Geoff lasted almost an hour with the lead changing backwards and forwards. At one stage, Garry was down to a couple of big blinds before a few all-in wins in a row saw him regain the lead. After almost an hour of heads up play, Garry pushed with A,7 offsuit with Geoff calling with pocket 10’s. K,A,2 on the flop saw Garry take the lead with no changes as the board ran out 2, 4.

Our new BOTB champion is Garry Williams from the St George region taking home $3,000 cash and a $2000 package to his qualifying venue of St George Leagues. Geoff Abdilla took home $2000 cash for his efforts on the day.

Most Games - Cary Cowling ($500)

Most Points - Zac Banboukjian ($500)



Garry Williams - Season 2, 2016

Connie Diakovasilis - Season 1, 2016

Matthew Horne - Season 4, 2015

Shaun O'Kane - Season 3, 2015

Paul Bateman - Season 2, 2015

Greg Cantori - Season 1, 2015

Elias Batshon - Season 4, 2014

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